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Mental and Emotional Training for Tennis: Compete-Learn-Honor. (Coaches Choice, 2019).

The Compete-Learn-Honor Playbook: Simple Steps to Take Your Mental & Emotional Tennis & Pickleball Game to a New Level. (Coaches Choice, 2023--AVAILABLE NOW!).


Podcast for U.S. Center for SafeSport's A Champion in Every Corner: Coaches' Role in Creating Positive Environments

Podcasts for United States Tennis Association's (USTA) Compete Like A Champion:

Part 1

Part 2

Panel for TrueSport-US Anti-Doping Agency Conference on Mental Wellness & The Young Athlete, Dec. 2021:

Session recordings & resources at:

June 2021, 2022, 2023 Compete-Learn-Honor Webinars for THE Pickleball Summit:

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Podcast for

Podcast for Way of

Podcasts for

5-part series, Sept-Oct 2020:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Podcast for

Podcasts for

1st aired Nov. 10, 2022: Improving the Small Margins:

1st aired May 3, 2023: Raising Aces:

Mental-Emotional Training for Tennis:

Books, Articles, Blogs, & Podcasts on Compete-Learn-Honor


Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Articles on Compete-Learn-Honor:


The Compete-Learn-Honor approach to coaching and player development: Promoting performance growth while enhancing well-being. Journal of Sport Psychology in Action, 2022.


Compete-Learn-Honor: A Psychological and Sport Science Evidence-Based Approach to Coaching and Player

Development, 2022. International Tennis Federation Coaching and Sport Science Review.

Promoting Positive Youth Development Through Sports: Pilot Test  of Relational and Character-Based Team Culture Resources Among Middle- and High-School Student-Athletes. 2024--in press. International Journal of Sport, Exercise, and Heath Research.


For, Tennis Channel Academy:

Rectifying Road Rage. Oct. 13, 2022.

Articles for "The Bench" Column in Racquet Sports Industry Magazine:

July 2021--Redefining Your Success, pp. 18 & 21:

August 2021--Positive Reinforcement (doubles emphasis), pp. 20-21:

Sept-Oct 2021--Close the Performance Gap (between practices and matches), pp. 20-21:

Nov-Dec 2021--Influence vs Control, pp. 20-21:

Feb. 2022—Stress Relievers, pp. 22-23:

April 2022--In the Moment, pp. 18, 20-21.

June 2022--When the Game Goes South, pp. 16 & 18.

Feb. 2023--Play a Love Game, pp. 18-19.

April 2023--Making it Work? When Students Complain About a Pro, Look at the Fit Before Looking for Fault, pp. 21-23.

August 2023--Dealing with Bad Line Calls, pp. 18-19.

Nov-Dec 2023--Hurt Locaker-When You're on the Disabled List, Change Your Mindset to Stay in the Game, pp. 16-17.

Jan-Feb 2024--Keep It Simple (Game Plans), pp. 25-27.

For TrueSport-U.S. Anti-Doping Agency:

"The 3 Jobs of a Youth Sports Coach"

Nov. 2022--

"7 Ways to Create a Mistake-Friendly But Excuse-Free Sports Environment"

Article on a core Compete-Learn-Honor principle, based on an interview with Coach Pete Scales, Dec. 2021:

For Coach & A.D. Magazine:

“Compete-Learn-Honor”—A Unique Approach to Mental and Emotional Training. Coach & A.D. Magazine, Nov./Dec. 2019, pp. 42-44.

For the U.S. Professional Tennis Association, ADDVantage Magazine:

Build Your Players' "Developmental Assets"--And Chance for Success. ADDVantage Magazine, Jan. 2011, pp. 9-11.

Mental Toughness Tips Your Players Will Remember. ADDVantage Magazine, Sept. 2013, pp. 17-18, 23.

3 Simple Tactics to Help Your Players Get More Aggressive and More Consistent. ADDVantage Magazine, Nov/Dec 2018, pp. 47-48.

Build Your Players’ Mental and Emotional Strength with “Compete-Learn-Honor.” ADDVantage Magazine, Feb. 2020, pp. 51, 53).

Break the Making Excuses Habit. ADDVantage Magazine, Jan. 2021, pp. 59, 61.

Performing Under Pressure--Can Your Students Trust in the Moment? Help Build Their "Trust" Muscle. ADDVantage Magazine, June 2023, pp. 52-53.

For USA Pickleball, Pickleball Magazine:

Sept/Oct 2022: Compete, Learn and Honor Your Way to Better Play Through a Stronger Mental Game (with Martha R. Roper), Pickleball Magazine, pp. 92-93


April 2023: The Mental Game Between Pickleball Points: Why It's Harder than Tennis 

Artilces for the "Coaching the Mental Game with Dr. Peter C. Scales " Column, For the National Alliance for Youth Sports:

Helping Young Athletes Not Be So Hard On Themselves. Sept. 2022.

How to Lessen the Practice-Game Day Gap. Feb. 17, 2023.

Praise the Effort, Not the Talent. May 22, 2023.

To have a Great Youth Sports Program, You Have to Do The REPS! Oct 7, 2023.

Nudging Athletes Out of Their Comfort Zones. Feb. 16, 2024.

Other Articles with National Alliance for Youth Sports:

Compete-Learn-Honor: Keys for Strengthening Athletes’ Mental and Emotional Skills. Sporting Kid Live, online magazine of the National Alliance for Youth Sports, Feb. 5, 2020.

Coaching Challenges: Making a Difference During These Difficult Times. Sporting Kid Live, online magazine of the National Alliance for Youth Sports, May 5, 2020.

Interview profile of Dr. Peter Scales by Greg Bach, for National Alliance for Youth Sports online magazine, Sporting Kid Live

Articles for the "Raising Aces--Coach Pete's Guide to Empowering Tennis Parents" Column, For Parenting, for parents of high-performance junior tennis players:

Feb 2024: Decisions Decisions Decisions: Staying in the Game Is Your Child's Decision.

October 2023: Placing Tennis in Perspective: The Game Is What You Do, Not Who You Are.

July 2023: Why Do Your Kids Play So Well in Practice But Fall Apart on the Match Court? The Myth of Staying in the Moment--And How Your Child Can Get Back into the Moment

May 2023: Being a Tennis Parent Relationship Broker and Matchmaker: Four Criteria for Judging Your Child's Coaches


Blogs for Positive Coaching Alliance:

The Excuse Box:

Keep the Fun in Youth Sports by Helping Kids Love the Game More than How They Perform:

Blogs for Search Institute:

Tips for Youth Sports Coaches: Creating a Culture of Safety, Fun, and Growth.

Jan. 2023--

What Young Athletes Need for Mental Wellness: “You Can’t Grow an Orchid from a Can of Sawdust.”


Mental Toughness—It’s About Relationships:

Developmental Relationships in Youth Sports Can’t Happen If Coaches Put Winning First:

Blog for

The 3 Most Important Words in Youth Sports.

Promoting Positive Youth Development through Sports: Pilot Test of Relational and Character-Based Team Culture Resources among Middle- and High-School Student Athletes. 2024 In Press.  International Journal of Sport, Exercise and Health Research.

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